Dan the dan warp we all know and LOVE

Schneider This User loves DanWarp
. Well hes a liar and a deciever! He makes assume and wait 2 months for a new icarly. OKAY. Since december i have been waiting for a promo. Heres how it went.

December: BTR CHRISTMAS: omg i think theres gonna be a promo during big time christmas!

January: Rex "dies": I really hope theres a promo then we have been waiting a month,

January: Dancing fruit: There has to be a promo then! Its been two months.

January: Big brothers marathon: Oh look promo for BTR Victorius and True Jackson. Didn't they stop showing that show True Jackson;.

Dan has let me down. And now people are gonna stop watching icarly cause of this "dry spell" Cmon you can't take a break 1/4th of the way through the season for two months. Your gonna get people confuzed! I might stop shipping seddie and go all out ship Fabina(Fabian and Nina house of anubis)

Sorry. But dan's a promise breaker! He promissed us a new episode. And there cant be a new episode because of crush week Video for crush week with JUSTIN BIEBER (BLEH!) What do you think is dan A liar or do you still love

Schneider This User loves DanWarp
dan warp? hm.....

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