Now I have heard many people say "Oh Freddie's crush will never fade" or that its "GONE" IN recent episodes we have seen signs of Freddie getting overy Carly. In iHire an Idiot when they hired Cort when he was younger he would have yell "CARLY! BUT I LOVE YOU!" Instead he yelled "SAM! WHAT ABOUT THE FUDGE! REMEMBER THE FUDGE?" Also in ISAFW he acknowleged that Carly really liked Adam. When he was younger lets say Season 1 Freddie he probably would of let Adam run out of the room and say "HE was a total NUB! you derserve someone better. Someone like me!" Now also in a recent Video Spencer says "You'd think Carly be here." Then Freddie an Sam look over at Spencer and Freddie says "We have the beef." Usually season 1 Freddie would run out of the studio and probably go get her or say something like "YEAH! Where is she anyway!" Reminds me of the time Freddie said to Carly "I like you better than most soups!" Does his means there are certain soups he likes more than Carly. Also in iHire an Idiot When Freddie and Carly had that "serious talk" SEASON 1 freddie would say "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" But he didn't... So what do you think. Is Freddie's crush on Carly fading or gone or STILL there?

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