In Carly and spencers house.

CARLY: ( on the couch reading a book)

SPENCER: (Jumps in outa his room and yells) OH MY GOSH...! (Runs up to carly.)

CARLY: What..?!(she yells while standing up) I'm busing reading Peoples magazine (PEOPLE MAGAZIE)! (she yells in his face)

SPENCER: GUESS WHERE WE ARE GOING FRO CRHISTMAS BREAK? (he says as he sticks his face right in hers while yelling)

CARLY: (says quietly with a joking tone looking away) Hopefully someplace you wont set on fire.


CARLY: YAKAMA!(she says Angrily) WHY YAKAMA?( she throws down the magazine in anger facing him.)

SPENCER: Your grandfather invited us to go for free and Sakos going to be passing yakama for his trip with his buddies and I said we could go with him and now we are going to YAKAMA! (he screams yakama)

CARLY: Whose gonning to watch the house? (she asks questionably fast)

SPENCER: Freddie. (he answers fast)

CARLY: What about ICarly? (she asks fast)

SPENCER: Gibby took ur place. (he answeres fast) Come on you have to get packing Sakos bus is leaving tomorow.(he says fast)

CARLY: Okay..I will...(she says slowly)

SPENCER:(while she says that he runs to his room)

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