My fan war speculation. carly starts to like adam then she realizes she likes freddie and asks him out. but freddie likes sam now. he says no. Carly then goes on a date with adam. Sam is jealous that everyone is attack carly anf freddie and is jealous that no one attacks her. Freddie meets sam on the roof of where they are staying. sam is eating beef jerkey. Sam says "Nobody likes me all the fans like are you and carly the dont attack me." Freddie: "They are afraid of u... But theres one person who likes u" Sam says "Who..!" she almost cries. Freddie: "promise you wont kill me." Sam nods.. Freddie: "Im going to write it down on a peice of paper. open it when i text u. freddie writes something folds it up and leaves. Sam gets a text "Open it" sam opens the paper and it says in big letters "I like sam" sam stares at the paper and then crumples it in a ball and throws it off roof and it hits carly on the head after she arrives back from her date.

Tell me what you think

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