Mean comments on shipping pages

Listen up all you shippers. No matter what you ship this is a serious matter! I have been on most of the shipping pages and the comments are all nice. Except i see someone from the other ship bashing people out. I wont name names but i have seen some mean seddiers on the creddie page and some mean creddiers on the seddie page. I havent seen any mean cam yet. But if your gonna bash on another ship DO IT ON YOUR OWN SHIPPING PAGE. Please if you guys dont stop i know who you are. Even if ur shipping my ship im still gonna report you for it. If ur a true shipper you will respect the other ship. Ok we get it you dont like the ship but dont go on their page and yell it at them. If ur gonna start a fight! take it away from the wiki. I dont want to see mean comments on any shipping page Examples would be on the cibby page someone might say "ohh you only ship cibby because ur seddie!" most of them do but not all of them and another example "Seddie Rulez creddie is crudy" on a creddie page or "Sam is always pciking on freddie she will never love him. Besides freddie still loves carly..." ETC.... I have seen these comments on the shipping pages.

Also on another note Dont change anything on a shippings page or delete it if your shipping another ship. I have seen a comment on the cibby page that says. "This is shipped by seddie fans. Not all cibby fans ship seddie"

Please leave your comment below telling us how you feel about mean comments on your ship page.

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