iMasquerade Brief - Ridgeway High is hosting its annual ball and this year is a masquerade theme, which means you must wear a mask to the party. Samantha Puckett was grounded for a week for being suspended for shoving Gibby into a locker. Therefore, that night she has to do all the chores in the house but carly really wants her to go to this masquerade with her so carly acts like a little fairy godmother and makes Sam gorgeous with a light blue dress and a light blue mask her hair is wavy and she has red lipstick on.. Carly is wearing a purple dress and a pink mask. They go to the ball and Freddie’s already there but they do not know it is Freddie and all the girls are around him because they think he is hot not realizing he is Freddie. Carly walks down the flight of stairs and goes over to get a drink. However, when Sam walks down Freddie immediately notices her and thinks she the most beautiful girl in the world not realizing. Sam sees Freddie staring at her and thinks he is hot not realizing it is Freddie. However, Sam has been changed by Carly. She was taught to be a woman that night and for that night, only she would act proper. Freddie was also given hints by carly to be dark mysterious and cool and not talk about tech stuff. But Sam has to get back before 12 because her mom is leaving work at 12. What will happen?

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