Sam cant express her emotions. We all know how long it took sam to admit she loves her mom. and its hard for her to love cause she doesnt love. Sam has a rep as a person without love and mean all the time. she may be sloppy and cruel but i think inside shes hiding her real emotions. In iOwe you she didnt want freddie to see her cry. SHe didnt want him to see her emotional.I think she uses her emotions through hurting people she might like (aka freddie ) She needs to love and someone who understands her and knows her. Freddie has grown up so much he knows alot about sam and can tolerate her. does that mean sam deserves freddie? IDK but sam isnt emotional. And when she starts to get emotional she will hide it by making a mean comment like when sam says Sam: Freddie just gets me emotional sometimes. Sam was sarcastic and she was doing it that way they couldnt see her cry. They only one she can trust showing her emotions with is carly because carly is always there for her and helps her. Also sam knows alot about freddie What he likes/dislikes what hes alergic too. I think carly doesnt know that freddie is alergic to onions. Also freddie knows alot about sam. What she likes/dislikes like sam hates the word panties and loves hurting freddie and fat cakes. I think carly knows that too. Sam loves to hate and hates to love. I want your opinion. DO u think sam is the emotional type. does she deserve a nice guy like freddie or a guy that just buys her foreign bacon so she will date him?

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