Seddie relevance to "The Nanny" on nick at night

Did you ever realize that Carly is like The Nanny

Carly is Mr. Shefeild
Sam is Niles
C.C. is Freddie
Fran is Griffen(or another guy carly likes)

Carly is Mr. Shefeild becuase she runs the shows and freddie aka c.c. is inlove with him.

Sam is niles because shes always picking on freddie like niles picks on cici to hide his true feelings like sam does

Chasitity Claire C.C. is freddi because hes inlove with carly and gets picked on by sam and when he tried to fight back he lozes like cici. but has a strang attraction to sam.

Fran is: griffon or another guy because fran is weird and griffon is weird but they are totally hot.

Does this mean seddie will happen? I HOPE


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