Songs that make us think of Seddie<3

1. You Belong With Me - By Taylor Swift

2. Could It Be - Christy Carolson Romano

3. Find Your Love - Drake

4. Boyfriend - Big Time Rudh

5. Stuck - Big Time Rush

6. Me WIth You - Jenneete McCurdy

7. So Close - Jennette McCurdy

8. For The First TIme - Spectacular

9. Wouldn't Change A Thing - Camp Rock 2

10. Start Of Something New- High School Musical

11. Teenage Dream - Glee Cast

12. Tangled Up In Me - Skye Sweetnam

13. Disgusting - Kesha

14. Just The Girl - The Click Five

15. Catch Me - Demi Lovato

16. Please dont leave me - Pink

17. Girfriend - Arvil Lavinge.

18. Homeless Heart

Any of u got ideas also if u dont like one of these songs. I am looking for more at the moment

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