Starting a little early due tomy cousin and her friends stopping by and they want me and my sis to go to the beach. BUT I HVE TO GO soo. heres the list in ORDER OF WHO GOES!










1. Keep it PG

2. This is SEDDIE story time. SO no random Spam or Creddie post. (if you want yo make your own go right ahead if its a differen't ship)

3. If you do not show up when it starts You are out of the game. ALSO if you do not post(in 5 mins) when it's your turn you will be skipped over

4. To talk Out Of Character type OOC: then type what you want to say.

5. Keep it the same story line. Like if Sam and Freddie are at Carly's Apartment don't randomly be like "Freddie and Sam walked out of the room had a smoothie and came back The End."

6. Lastly HAVE FUN

7. Also if you have to go and come back please let us know!

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