I have 2 great ideas for an episode where seddi happens. Let me hear what you think on it

Carly and Spencer goto Yakama(might be spelled wrong) for christmas break and they leave freddie incharge of the house. Sam breaks in because shes really bored and she has nothing to do becuase her mom is too poor to celebrate christmass. Freddies mom is away to visit family and is mad that freddie didn't come with her but understands that he is the only one who could watch carly and spencers house. So they have their own mini christmas party and they invite dates and try to get them under the missletoe to kiss. At the party there is a misletoe and at the end while sam and freddi are cleaning up sam asks freddi if he got that kiss with a girl he says "no" he asks sam "Did you get kissed by that guy tonight." Sam says "No". Freddi and Sam sit on the couch and sigh. Above them is the missletoe. They kiss. EPIC PAUSE. She leaves aqwardy saying "i'm gonna go buy some beef jerky"

Idea 2

Its new years eve. they are going to new york to see the ball drop Sam and Freddi are stuck on the subway trying to get to the ball in time to meet up with carly and spencer. Sam made them late becuase she needed to stop for beef jerkey. Monorail breaks down. By midnignt they have their own party on subway and when it strikes midnight everyone around them kisses someone. When everyone says happy new year freddi and sam are so happy they kiss.

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