Okay if this sequel is a continuation of ISYL I made a little Speculation this has some Creddie and some Seddie.

iKissed Him First Speculation

If this episode happens this will happen after iBreak up (if it exists).

In the previous episode Freddie and Sam Broke up because Freddies Mom was threatening to take Freddie away from iCarly and ban him from the Shays and Seeing Sam. So Sam and Freddie agreed to split up.

In this episode. Carly’s feelings for Freddie resurface. While Sam is missing(depressed probably from her break up with Freddie)

She tries to figure out if she really does like him. While looking for Sam she decides to have a serious conversation with him.

Carly: Freddie can we talk for a bit?

Freddie: (gets off laptop) What Carly?

Carly: Do you ever think that the break up was meant to happen?

Freddie: Huh? What are you saying?

Carly: Maybe it was a chance for us to happen..

Freddie: Uhh….

Carly: I think I might like you still (leans in to kiss him and she kisses him but they pull away not happy)

Freddie: Uh… Carly….

Carly: I’m Sorry

Freddie: Look Carly…

Carly: No…

Freddie: I’m sorry… but you and me…

Carly: I know…

Freddie: It didn’t feel right… what you did there..

Carly: I was just seeing if I still liked you….

Freddie: and…?

Carly: Nothing…

Freddie: Same… and thats good.

Carly: Good? Why good. Didn’t you always like me?

Freddie: I thought I liked you… but

Carly: (cuts him off) You love Sam still?

Freddie: Yes. She’s the one Carly I know it.

Carly: Go after her.

Freddie: What about you and my mom?

Carly: We were meant to be friends Fredde. Thats all!(while smiling) And your mom will understand if you love her she will let you have her.

Freddie: Thanks Carly.(kisses her cheeck)

Carly: What was that for?

Freddie: For being a good friend.

Carly: Now go get her back!

[Next episode iLove you]

Freddie Admits he loves Sam and EVERYONE IS HAPPY!

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