Hey since u all liked my first chapter i couldnt wait to hear your reaction for this one

iMasquerade Chapter 2


SAM: (sitting on the couch eating a fat cake)

CARLY: (walks in carrying a bunch of groceries) Sam how did you... what did.. Arent you gr.oun....

SAM: I snuck out.

CARLY: Oh... (puts down grocerys on counter) I still wish you could go to the dance with me... It wont be fun without you.

SAM: Besides IF i could go i would need a dress. And my hair done. Also nobody has to know its me or else they might rat me out.

CARLY: I could do all that!

SAM: You wouldn't!

CARLY: Of course! I want my best friend to go to the dance with me!

SAM: I'm gonna regret this....

CARLY: (pulls sams arms dragging her to the door) LETS START SHOPPING!

[Scene: At Carly's Apartment When they left]

FREDDIE: Hey SPENCE. Which tux looks better on me the blue one (holds it up) or the black one (hold it up)

SPENCER: Definately the black one! SO you got a date for this dance?

FREDDIE: No... Every girl I asked turned me down.....

SPENCER: Welll lemme help you with that!

FREDDIE: How you going to do that?

SPENCER: I'm gonna give you a lesson. You are now enrolled in Spencers Class on Girls! (he does jazz hands)

FREDDIE: Oh no. What did I get myself into....

My fanfiction linck for chapta two!

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