iMasquerade Chapter 6

[Scene: The next day at carlys apartment]

CARLY: (on the phone with sam) DID YOU GET CAUGHT?

SAM: Nope. I got home just b4 she came back then she hugged me and said im doing better.

CARLY: she actually hugged you i know

SAM: I know weird!

CARLY And SPENCER at the same time in different rooms (spencer is on the phone with freddie): So How was the dance gimme the deets.

FREDDIE And Sam at the same time: All i can say it was the most magical night of my life. The best night ever. I just wish i could meet the person i met there.

CARLY and SPENCER: Wait! you don't know who was your date for that night.

SAM: No i had to leave b4 i got a chance to ask..

FREDDIE: She left b4 i got the chance to ask. But i found her mask.

CARLY: Well go out there and find him.

SPENCER: Okay freddio call me when you find her (carly and spencer both hang up)

SAM and FREDDIE: (sigh) I hope i find him(sam)/her(freddie). She(freddie)/he(sam) was the one i've been looking for.

[That afternoon at carly's apartment]

(door bell rings)

CARLY: I'll get it!

FREDDIE: (walks in holding the mask) Hey carly.

CARLY: Hey freddie! Whats up?

FREDDIE: Well you were at the dance last night right.

CARLY: No I ate some bad shrimp...

FREDDIE: Oh but maybe you can still help me.

CARLY: Sure..

FREDDI: I met the girl of my dreams at that dance last night but she dissapeared at midnight and now i can't find her.


FREDDIE: Yeah but now i cant find her. the wind blew off her mask and i found it. its the only thing that i have of her.(holds out the mask)

CARLY: Wait... Thats Sam's mask!

FREDDIE: Sam wasn't there.

CARLY: Yeah she snuck out and me and her were gonna go togetehr and i helped her pick out that mask.

FREDDIE: Wait...

CARLY: You don't think....

FREDDIE: theres only one way to find out. and i got a plan (him and carly huddle up.)


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