iMasquerade Chapter 7

This is the last chapter of iMasquerade Heres the link for all the chapters on Fan Fiction

[Scene: That night at carly's apartment]

SAM: (runs in!) Sorry im late. I couldnt get this stupid makeup off and my hair still looks girly,

CARLY: Well we need to practice for icarly. GO upstairs to the studio and ill be there in a minute.

SAM: Okay (runs up the stairs)

[Scene: In the studio freddie is hiding in the back room]

SAM: (sam walks in) Hello? (she looks around)

CARLY: (turns off the elevator and locks the door and runs away)

SAM (BANGING on the door) CARLY!

FREDDIE: (comes up from behind and puts the mask on sam and plays the song they danced to) Well hello my princess.

SAM: AHH! (flips freddie down and starts beating him down)

FREDDIE: AHH! SAM! SAM! ITS JUST ME! FREDDIE!(freddies wearing his tux and the mask but takes off the mask)

SAM: Wait your! Your my prince! (faints)

(a few mins later)


SAM: I just had the worst dream. You were my prince for the ball.


(freddie pulls her up and they dance the waltz again)

SAM: OH MY GOSH IT IS YOU! But how. The prince was charming and cute and thinks im funny.

FREDDIE: Well i had a little help. And who new you were so beautiful.

SAM: YEAH! Don't rub it in it was only a one night thing.

FREDDIE: Well i never actually realized how beautiful you were till now. Sam...

SAM: and your kinda c...U...

Freddie: Yeah?

SAM: Cut...(murmurs and almost gets fake sick looking away) Cuuuuuuttt

FREDDIE: (turns her face around and kisses her)


SAM: I'm gonna go (by that time carly unlocked the door)


SAM: what!

FREDDIE: why are you leaving.

SAM: THIS ISNT RIGHT! I'm suppossed to hate you and ur supposed to hate me thats how it works!

FREDDIE: maybe we dont hate eachother.

SAM: That isnt possible i can't like you. This isnt happening!

FREDDIE: Cmon sam i like you and you like me. I dont know why we havent seen this before.

SAM: STOP SAYING WE! THERE IS NOOOO WE! I'm suppose to torture you for the rest of your life and your supposed to be miserable!

FREDDIE: You can still tease me and like me.

SAM: is that even possible.

FREDDIE: Yeah. Cmon i like you and you like me nothings gonna change.

SAM: Are you sure?

FREDDIE: Sam you are amazing just the way you are.

SAM: (slaps freddie) Thanks freddiedweb. (leaves)

FREDDIE: Cya puckett! (watches her leave and smiles)

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