• Raging Cupcakes

    First of all. I think there needs to be a Creddie color. Seddie is purple, so the Creddie one should be red. Red is also the color of love. There are several observations I know that has leaved many hints with Creddie and red. During Carly & Freddie's first kiss(in iSYL), Freddie was wearing a red bathrobe. At the end of the episode when Freddie sorta kind of turned down Carly. It was also a big Creddie scene, they kissed 3x in that scene. Freddie had a red shirt, & Carly had some red on the cute dress she was wearing. In iChristmas, Carly hugged Freddie. The official Christmas color is red, Carly was also wearing a red shirt. In all the kissing scenes in iSaved Your Life, one of them was always wearing red(mostly Freddie). And in iStart a …

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