First of all. I think there needs to be a Creddie color. Seddie is purple, so the Creddie one should be red. Red is also the color of love. There are several observations I know that has leaved many hints with Creddie and red. During Carly & Freddie's first kiss(in iSYL), Freddie was wearing a red bathrobe. At the end of the episode when Freddie sorta kind of turned down Carly. It was also a big Creddie scene, they kissed 3x in that scene. Freddie had a red shirt, & Carly had some red on the cute dress she was wearing. In iChristmas, Carly hugged Freddie. The official Christmas color is red, Carly was also wearing a red shirt. In all the kissing scenes in iSaved Your Life, one of them was always wearing red(mostly Freddie). And in iStart a Fanwar the Creddie signs the Creddiers were holding were red. Showing that Dan probably believes that the official Creddie color should be red.


IC Creddie XD by Loralit

A little cartoon version of Creddie


This user ships Creddie!

Creddie in iCook


Creddie Kiss

Carly puckers her lips and slowly inserts her tongue into Freddie's mouth with slow sexuality.


Carly and Freddie in their 80's costumes

Creddie love
Creddie f

Carly and Freddie

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