• Randomreasons1997


    April 7, 2011 by Randomreasons1997

    Sams POV

    “Carly, I’m not in love!” I have had to tell Carly that over and over again ever since that lock-in at school. She just never listens. I have no Idea what to do to make her believe me. I can’t keep lying to her, one day she will figure it out more than she already has.

    “Sam! It’s like staring me right in the face. You did that mood reader thing and it said you were in love. It wouldn’t say that if you weren’t in love.” We were in the studio and Carly was pacing back and forth, like this was important or something.

    “I have told you already. I was thinking abo-“
    “Oh don’t you say you were thinking about the ribs in your purse again because as soon as Brad walked into the room, the thing said you were in love. Oh, and rem… Read more >