• Ravikumar33643

    iLike you for me

    November 23, 2012 by Ravikumar33643

    Here is iLike Sam more Part 1. OH! and please, no shipping.

    Shay apartment, Carly is sitting on her couch. Freddie comes in.

    Freddie: Hey!

    Carly: Hey!

    Freddie: Where's Sam? We gotta get ready for the show.

    Carly's phone buzzes

    Carly:? Sam just texted me, she had to go with her mom to some gross doctor.

    She looks back at her phone

    Carly:? According to Sam, her mom had a pimple with a lot of hair on it.

    Freddie almost vomits,Spencer comes out of his bedroom gluing something to a sculpture.

    Spencer:Done!, I just finished...the fuzzy bunny!

    Spencer presses a button on his sclupture. The hairs of the bunny spike up.

    Carly:? Cool!?

    Freddie:? Hey! We gotta get ready for the show!

    Carly: K!

    She follows Freddie up the stairs.

    Scene shows Freddie and Carly getting stuff re…

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