Here is iLike Sam more Part 1. OH! and please, no shipping.

Shay apartment, Carly is sitting on her couch. Freddie comes in.

Freddie: Hey!

Carly: Hey!

Freddie: Where's Sam? We gotta get ready for the show.

Carly's phone buzzes

Carly:? Sam just texted me, she had to go with her mom to some gross doctor.

She looks back at her phone

Carly:? According to Sam, her mom had a pimple with a lot of hair on it.

Freddie almost vomits,Spencer comes out of his bedroom gluing something to a sculpture.

Spencer:Done!, I just finished...the fuzzy bunny!

Spencer presses a button on his sclupture. The hairs of the bunny spike up.

Carly:? Cool!?

Freddie:? Hey! We gotta get ready for the show!

Carly: K!

She follows Freddie up the stairs.

Scene shows Freddie and Carly getting stuff ready, Gibby comes in.

Gibby:? Where's Sam??

Carly: She still hasn't come yet?

Freddie:? Ok, we have 3 minutes till the show starts.

Carly:? Ok, Gibby, if Sam doesn't come your doing the show with me.

Gibby:? Yes!

Shay apartment, there is a knock on the door, Spencer opens it, Sam bursts in.

Sam:? Have they started yet?

Spencer:? You wanna see my fuzzy bunny?

Sam goes upstairs.

Freddie: In 5,4,3,2-

Sam:? I'm here!

Carly:? Ok, Gibby your not doing the show any more!

Sam/Carly: And this is iCarly!

iCarly theme song is played

Scene changes, Spencer is at the Groovie Smoothie, he is on the phone with someone.

Spencer:? I don't think we should see eachother again.?

pauses for a few seconds as he waits for the other girl to talk.

Spencer:? Fine! I'll give you ANOTHER chance.

He hangs up

T-Bo:? It looks like you put yourself in a jam.

Spencer: Ya, it's just a girl

T-Bo:? Well then tell me 'bout her!

Spencer: Well she's my girlfriend and I found out a few days ago that she played a guitar concert and she didn't invite me.

T-Bo:? ooooh! that's sick

Spencer:? So ya, I'm giving her another chance.

T-bo:? Oh,Ok, show me to her.


Scene changes,? Carly, SAm and freddie are in the iCarly studio

Sam:? Well, I'm gonna go eat the bacon I didn't finish yesterday!

Sam leaves the studio.'Carly walks up to Freddie, she holds his hand. He looks up.

Carly:? Well, I've been thinkin', know....meant to

Freddie:? You mean boyfriend and girlfriend?

Carly:? you're gonna say no right?

Freddie grabs Carly's hand tighter.? Carly looks up. They move closer about to kiss.

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