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  • My occupation is fangirling
  • I am awesome.
  • ReadySetR5

    Because people don't visit the Hannah Montana Wiki so often, I decided to do this on the Victorious Wiki and this Wiki.

    I have 1 song credit, so I'll make this worth it.

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  • ReadySetR5

    Do you guys think that TV has gone too far for Nick? There's been bad ratings because Nick doesn't promote enough in promos and there's less comedy, but more drama. TV didn't go too far for Disney because new Austin & Ally episodes air once a month now, probably because Disney thinks there's better ratings if they air A&A episodes less often.

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  • ReadySetR5

    If anybody wants me to download an iCarly episode, just comment 2 episodes! If anybody wants me to take a screenshot on my iPod Touch of an iCarly episode, just ask! I only have $10.29 on iTunes, so choose carefully! I'm doing this because I'm not sure what episodes to download, so I'm just gonna let others pick!

    I have 6 Victorious episodes downloaded on iTunes:

    Stage Fighting

    Cat's New Boyfriend

    Freak the Freak Out

    Prom Wrecker

    Tori & Jade's Play Date

    April Fools Blank

    I have 4 Austin & Ally episodes on iTunes:

    Tickets & Trashbags

    Secrets & Songbooks

    Managers & Meatballs

    myTAB & My Pet

    If anybody wants me to take a screenshot of any scene in any of these episodes, just ask me on my talk page/message wall!

    P.S. Comment below if you want me to download …

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