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  • I live in Oh, somewhere...
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is Being stupid XD.
  • I am Female
  • ReddFlowerr

    It's been awhile...

    January 19, 2012 by ReddFlowerr

    I'm back!

    Although I'm pretty sure most of everybody won't remember me. I signed up, and then a week later I went poof. And that was all in June... So yeah, that's a very long time ago. But, I'm back now!

    Since pretty much none of you know me, I'll give you my introduction ;D. I'm ReddFlowerr. My real name's Zoey. And I love iCarly and have been watching it since the pilot ;D. Although, I'm sure that some of you have. Other's may have picked it up later. Who am I to know? I like to draw, and play video games. I'm actually an MMO girl, if I'm being completely honest. I love playing online. I like to read and write fanfics ;). My user on is the same as it is here, to all who are curious. I'm writing a Seddie story right now, if …

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