• Redroses24

    Not many of us can fight the feeling that Sam and Freddie have something going on. Not anything big (or at least that I can feel) but something. Whatever it may be. Now I don't live under a rock. A lot of people love Sam and Freddie together as a romantic pairing, but I, being a Cam shipper can't honestly see past their friendship. It is a interesting friendship too. It's fun to go back and see how they used to 'hate' each other and now they are friends. But, friends or not, there's something weird about the way they are. Whether the two be attracted physically or romantically is what I'm trying to figure out. You might be saying to yourself, 'What the heck does she mean by attracted physically???' Just that, my friends. Read on.

    Now I'm goin…

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  • Redroses24

    Okay, so I admit that my first post was very mean and harsh on the Creddie shippers, and I sincerely apologize. I was just trying to get my feelings out there for you guys to read and I didn't think of how it would hurt the feelings of others. The blog below has been edited personally by me and I have removed all unecessary Creddie bashing. Again, I'm sorry.

    So I was on fanfiction yesterday and I saw that there were more Cam stories than Creddie.

    Cam: (All ratings total) 730

    Creddie: (All ratings total) 667

    So all in all Cam has more fanfics than Creddie.

    But, it's not just fanfiction. Lot's of more people like Cam and would like Cam if they were exposed to it more. They think it's just Creddie and Seddie, but that's only because that's how the wr…

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