Hey Hobos! I want to let you guys know about two epic events that will be coming to your TV in November. If you have comments or questions, please post them below.

November 19th (Friday) – A new iCarly one-hour special called iStart A Fan War. This could be the biggest iCarly event ever. There's a major guest star role played by the amazing Jack Black. And you get to see Carly, Sam, and Freddie in a direct confrontation with hundred of iCarly super-fans – while Spencer and Jack Black duel to the death! Oh, and there's plenty of Gibby & Guppy... and even some special appearances by popular characters from Drake & Josh and Zoey 101.

November 26th (Friday) – A new Victorious one-hour special called Freak The Freak Out. This is the first ever long-form episode of Victorious, and I think you'll love it! There are some amazing fights, mean girls, and an AWESOME new song by "Tori" (Victoria) called Freak The Freak Out – which many of us feel is the best song she's ever done (it will be available on iTunes very soon). There's also a new song in the episode performed by "Cat" and "Jade" together. And there are some insane scenes with Trina wildly fighting Tori, Andre, Beck, and Robbie. This is the biggest Victorious event in the history of the series, so you definitely wanna check it out.

These are two huge events for November, so please save the dates! Have parties! Tell your friends! Your pets! Yes, even dogs, cats, and hamsters need to see iStart A Fan War and Freak The Freak Out.

Until then, if you have comments, post them below. And if you have a good question, I'll do my best to answer.

By the way, the newest Victorious episode "Cat's New Boyfriend" is downloadable by CLICKING HERE

And the newest iCarly episode "iDo" is downloadable by CLICKING HERE

Remember: You can follow Victorious on Twitter by CLICKING HERE. You can follow iCarly by CLICKING HERE. And you can follow me by CLICKING HERE.

Your Pal, Dan (aka @DanWarp)

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