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omg! “iCarly” And “Victorious” Crossover TV Movie!!!!

Television show creator Dan Schneider is preparing on creating a crossover TV movie with Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and “Victorious” shows. Dan told that the movie will involve the entire cast of both series. "I’ve done a lot of projects for Nick and this is maybe the most exciting. Many of my series have overlapped but we have never cross-pollinated them before. iCarly is the number one show on Nick and Victorious is already number two – I have these two shows I love and now we’re putting them together for a crossover – I’m writing it now. It involves both Carly and Tori and they become aware of each other because of a ‘situation’ – they start off as rivals, but in the end team up against a common enemy." LINK:

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