• Rex The Puppet

    I'm not a puppet! The only reason my username says I'm a puppet is because Robbie has mental problems Whoever go's on my blog will get to join Rex's all hot girls volley ball club ( unless your a boy or you are Marissa Benson ) no chizz. Tori is band forever from my club because she sucked me in the turblow jet.

    i also told Jade that she will never get in my club because she threw me on the floor and it hurt.

    The people who do have psychological problems are:

    Robbie Shapiro Marrisa Benson Gibbys grandpa

    Hi my name is Rex i am 16 I have to

    follow a dude Robbie ( he's got bad

    chizz) I like R & B music, Rap and rock

    and roll I don't like pop I don't tolerate

    that chizz. I'm annoyed because Robbie takes

    me to the small and short clothes store I shouldn…

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