I'm not a puppet! The only reason my username says I'm a puppet is because Robbie has mental problems Whoever go's on my blog will get to join Rex's all hot girls volley ball club ( unless your a boy or you are Marissa Benson ) no chizz. Tori is

L dont like Jade.

I dont like jade

band forever from my club because she sucked me in the turblow jet.

i also told Jade that she will never get in my club because she threw me on the floor and it hurt.

The people who do have psychological problems are:

Robbie Shapiro Marrisa Benson Gibbys grandpa

Hi my name is Rex i am 16 I have to

follow a dude Robbie ( he's got bad

chizz) I like R & B music, Rap and rock

and roll I don't like pop I don't tolerate

that chizz. I'm annoyed because Robbie takes

me to the small and short clothes store I shouldn't

have to go there man. I like to eat meat you hear

Robbie and Rex

me vegetrains I LIKE MEAT! Steak, hamburgers and ribs and

a japanese meat called cobe i like that cobe meat stuff its got

the right chizz. My favourite song is called forever baby.

Driven rex

The one on the left is coolest the one on the right is weird ok!

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