this are my thoughts on the rest of the seddie arcidate sam and freddie: i think that in this episode, sam and freddie go on dates and they bring carly with them, and that makes her freak out, and i think that she’s going to have a asma attack in the bed scene, because of that pic dan show us, and they feel bad, talk about it , and stop fighting.

ican’t take it: some people are saying that they’re going to break up, because the episode was supposed to be called ibreak up, but it could be about gibby and carly trying to break sam and freddie up. i think carly would want to break them up because, since in the last episode they decided to stop fighting and act like a couple they are always hanging out with each other and being late to icarly, and she’s feeling like the third wheel, and i think mrs. benson paid gibby to break them up, because she misses freddie and she thinks sam’s a bad influence for him. but at the end of the episode they’re all at carly’s room and sam hits gibby with something, like we see in the promo, and they all apologize to each other, and freddie and sam are still daiting, but they’re not acting all lovey-dovey, they’re still sam and freddie, but they love each other.

ilove you: in this episode spencer will probably realize he is in love, with the girl we see in the promo i think her name is jenna, and sam and freddie say they love each other, and carly goes on that double date with gibby, spencer, and spencer’s girlfriend.

so, yeah, this are my thought on the seddie arc.


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