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    heyyo, i was searching the web and i found a icarly behind the scences vid from july or so! so check it out!=)

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    NO SHIPS at all !?!?!?=)

    November 13, 2010 by Rorygirl

    I just get bored because all people refer to their fav eps because of the ships they support!

    So, just name your top three eps which you think are HILARIOUS and FUNNY, and please not only because of the Ships( but if you really want to, it can also involve ships =))

    1. IGot Detension

    2. IMove OUT ( i don´t know why, but i think it´s AWESOME)

    3. ITake On Dingo (Sam is THE BEST " TV writer: Hey, what´s in there? Sam: Payback! LOL)

    So please post, i´m really interested in it=)

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  • Rorygirl

    Ok, i just thought about the whole season 4 seddie rumors and pictures and so on and i just came to theory:

    sam and freddie weren´t fighting so much in the last few episodes and maybe when it comes to the IDo episode freddie realises that something is different about his way of feeling about sam.

    then there comes the IHire an idiot episode with the infamious script of the argument between carly and freddie(I think it´s about sam because in IThink they kissed freddie was changing the subject in the same way as in the script when he don´t wanna talk about sam and their kiss=)) and then the whole adam thing.

    I think adam is going to date sam a few times and freddie maybe becomes jealous. after they break up i thought that something between them …

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  • Rorygirl

    I just noticed that Sabrina, the online girl freddie met (from i beat the heat) was one of the girls who was dancing on the dancefloor when freddie get some drinks for him and melanie, from iTwin!!! You guys probably noticed that as well, but i just thought i post it=)

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  • Rorygirl

    Sup, guys? i just thought of one of my favourite poems, it´s from the great movie 10 things i hate about you, just changed a little and it´s a seddie poem! So, i hope you like it!

    I hate the way you talk to me

    And the way you do your hair

    I hate your nerdy technique chizz

    I hate it when you stare

    I hate your striped polo shirts

    And the way you read my mind

    I hate you so much that it makes me sick

    It even makes me ryhme

    I hate the way you´re always right

    I hate it when you´re mad at me

    I hate it when you make me laugh

    Even worse when you make me cry

    I hate it when you´re not with me

    And the fact that you kissed her too

    But mostly I hate the way

    I don´t hate you

    Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

    Hey, I like it, but i don´t own the poem

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