Ok, i just thought about the whole season 4 seddie rumors and pictures and so on and i just came to theory:

sam and freddie weren´t fighting so much in the last few episodes and maybe when it comes to the IDo episode freddie realises that something is different about his way of feeling about sam.

then there comes the IHire an idiot episode with the infamious script of the argument between carly and freddie(I think it´s about sam because in IThink they kissed freddie was changing the subject in the same way as in the script when he don´t wanna talk about sam and their kiss=)) and then the whole adam thing.

I think adam is going to date sam a few times and freddie maybe becomes jealous. after they break up i thought that something between them would happen, but since they tweeted that htere are gonna be more seasons, i think freddie will maybe spill it to sam in the next season. ( i just read my blog trough again and i think i lost some thoughts at the and, maybe i remember and ad them later)

hope you leave some coments with your ideas,


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