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Creddie, Seddie, and Hilarious iStart a Fanwar videos!!!

Roxas82 October 21, 2010 User blog:Roxas82

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Funny video!!! iStart a Fanwar playful banter ( Please note that this is just a joke meant to get fans to laugh, not to poke fun at anyone, but at our crazy shipping tendencies! We ALL can get crazy at times... )

Seddie vs Creddie, iStart a Fanwar, etc.


For those of you who ship Seddie, click the youtube link to download the music video for Sam and Freddie called"Twitch". Warning: May contain explicit lyrics.

Seddie link


Click this youtube link to watch Carly and Freddie "Lonely Girl" by P!nk. Warning: may contain explicit lyrics.

Creddie link

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