Well, although there was Creddie in Season 3, there seems to be a pattern of a certain ship every season ( Season 1 was Creddie bickering, 2 was Seddie kiss, 3 was Creddie relationship ) and logic would say this season is going to be Seddie if logic holds. Howeverrrrrrrrrrrr, this is Dan Schneider and iCarly we're talking about! This blog's mainly about my prediction if Creddie were to happen:

First off, word on the street is that Season 4 will be at most ten episodes. This is possibly due to the actors wanting to pursue college, music etc... So if there were any ship THIS season, it would occur for at least one episode, or for the rest of the episodes. What Dan would have to do, however is make a convincing story that wouldn't offend other ship fans to the point that they'd boycott his shows.

Creddie was solidly established in iSaved Your Life, but had a bad beginning, as Carly may not have truly loved Freddie than have been grateful for However, the did mention dating in the future if she still likes him. Adam is a known character who may be a love interest of Carly's in a future episode. When Carly had a date in iSpeed Date, she chased him away, which led to the infamous Creddie dance. For Creddie to work, the writers would have to revisit either event. What appears to suggest a Creddie ending is Gibby's sudden popularity and Sam's "small crush" on Spencer. The latter may have just been a joke, but it does take things down a notch for fans who obsess over a ship. The first however, may be setting up Sibby, as Sam is a major fan favorite, nobody would want to see her alone while Carly has Freddie. Another person for her could be Griffin, who she obviously would get along with.

Freddie always seems to reciprocate Carly's affections, or still shows signs of a crush on her, while maintaining his apparent distaste for Sam. Whether it's real or not, it's all up to him. Creddie seems to mainly depend on Freddie now, as he seems to be the one to chase. Now it's Carly's turn to prove herself as she had rejected him many times, but he still dumped her. While not my favorite ship, I still see Creddie as having potential, and Seddie not being absolute.

What say you?

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