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Favorite Carly/Sam/Freddie/Spencer episodes?

Roxas82 November 23, 2010 User blog:Roxas82

I think we all have some epiodes where we thought "Wow, Freddie is HILARIOUS if this episode!" or something along those lines. For all of the main characters, I think I have at least one for each.

Carly: iWant My Website Back/iMust Have Locker 239

Memorable quotes: "Nub."

"Ok first of all, no one likes a rhymer."

"Shoosh yeah I got it!"

"Those are his eyes!"

"He's a part time firefighter!"

"Gosh, since when did you become my wife?"

Epic moment: Her escape from Nevel was truly action film worthy!

Sam: iSaved Your Life

Memorable quotes: "Spencer gonna get got!"

"Have you ever tried Bolivian bacon?"

"It's like a beautiful greasy dream."

"It changes you..."


Epic Moment: Her non-lethal K.O of Spencer. I did NOT expect her to be hanging from the doorway!!!

Freddie: iTwins (Truly stole the show in this episode!!!)

Memorable quote: "Twins... *waves hands at strangers* TWINS!!!"

"Yeah I have an uncle who's an avocado. Yep, we call him 'uncle Green Mush'."

( Mocking Melanie) "Uh, ok!"

"How about you go on a date with me this Saturday."

"...I know I've got a date with Sam. *chokes* IVE GOT A DATE WITH SAM!"

Epic Moment: Being told he was right by Sam Puckett.

Spencer: iGet Pranky

Memorable quotes: "Nothing's stupid to a guy in a spoon hat."

"So, [in a playful voice] you guys want me to sign your pretty little contract promising I won't pull pranks anymore... Will that make the little children happy?"

"You can't touch the king!!!"

"The King!!!"

"Prank ya later holmes!"

Epic Moment: That dance/montage after he pranks Carly!

Tell me your favorites, guys! Roxas82 02:13, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

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