So, you've seen about 10 promos, but no Seddie/Creddie indications, and mainly everyone shares the belief that no ship will happen, bumming you out a bit. Why should you still watch the episode this coming Friday?

  • Dan Schneider created this episode, and he's a comedic genius. Even if the show has no couple, it's bound to give you laughs, or your money back.
  • Did I mention that Dan Schenider is the creator? Well he is, and he knows full well how to make a ship happen out of nowhere. Maybe we're all wrong, which he hoped would happen, then we're surprised with a couple at the end.
  • If a couple gets together in iSAFW, and you don't ship it, consider there's time in the series for another ship to get together (Ex: Seddie becomes Creddie).
  • Stacey Dillson. If you don't laugh at the voice and the lisp she has, you may be dead. I'm hoping she will revive you with her "Sassafras" song. "Sip it in the morning, Sip it in the evening!"
  • Relax, and take a chance to laugh at how shippers act crazy sometimes. I know I do!
  • You can always raid Dan's fridge and take his waffles on the off chance that you don't like the episode.
  • How will you know Seddie/Creddie happened/didn't happen if you didn't bother to watch it? And you miss the ship moment if you miss it...
  • Sam and a flare gun make for a good team.
  • There's always Spencer and Aspartamay's battle to look forward too! C'mon, when have Jerry Trainor OR Jack Black ever let you down on the laughs?
  • NONE of us know exactly this twist, which could seriously be epic... Don't you like twists?
  • All in all, we need to remember that iCarly's a COMEDY, and iSAFW will be funny with/without a couple in the end.
  • Also, if nothing happens, you can sue Nickelodeon for libel and/or pain and distress suffered when watching the promos. (Just Kidding)
  • I assure you, the world will not end just because Creddie/Seddie doesn't happen. Maybe there'll be riots, wars, but I doubt no ship indicates the end of times.

So, get EXCITED!!! Only a few days until the big episode!!!

Roxas82 04:23, November 17, 2010 (UTC)

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