This quote was taken directly of off Dan Schneider's Youtube account:

"Describe my comedy? Hmmm. That's a BIG question. I guess I'm best known for making comedy aimed at kids & teens, but that aduts often like, too. So I'll guess I'll say "family comedy" that's often a bit... kinda weird?"

The man said it himself. iCarly is NOT a kid's show. Have none of you seen iPsycho? Nora, who's a girl, clearly kissed another girl on the show. Now I'm not gonna say this means Cam is going to happen, but if he can get away with a lesbian kiss, (no matter how small and even if it was just a joke) then he could do it again. Not only that, but there are VAST sexual references on iCarly. Don't believe me? There's an Innuendo page on this here wiki.

This is not to put down anyone, or other shippers, but I'm sick of reading the same comments over and over saying "eww carly and sam are friends, this is a kid's show guys. they aren't lesbos." or something of that nature. I believe Cam rivals both Creddie and Seddie, though it may not have the likelihood of playing out onscreen physically, due to it's extreme controversial nature. (I may ship Cam, but I'm not stupid enough to think Dan would be crazy enough to deny the Seddie/Creddie fans, and cause national concern over having a lesbian couple on his show. I'd rather he keep it under the radar, like he does now.) Even still, considering iStart a Fan War's turn out, maybe Dan would be willing enough to risk shipping a pairing that would cause mothers to flock to Nickelodeon in droves to riot... or not. Thing is, Cam is part of the fandom, and is legitimate, no matter what. Unless you think we should just delete the pages of couples that will never happen, (which also could mean deleting every pairing page on this wiki) I believe the page has grounds to stay, otherwise there wouldn't be so much content. If Dan Schneider didn't develop Cam in any way, shape or form, do you think it would be as long as it is?

Think guys, I'm not asking you to convert and change ships, I'm asking you to respect a ship, even one you blatantly disagree with. If I can be a Seddie/Creddie friendship enthusiast, whilst mainly shipping Cam, I think some of you can learn to appreciate Cam if you considered actually reading what's on the page with an unbiased mind. More than anything, I'd hope at least you wouldn't click send on another comment saying how impossible Cam is.

Well, I think my rant is over. Questions, anyone?

Roxas82 06:02, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

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