Yes, I'm aware that people on set purposefully choose colors, and Sam/Freddie constantly wear purple in scenes, but so do Carly/Freddie and Carly/Sam. The color is seriously getting annoying now, seeing as fans are still clinging to it, and we're all SUPER nitpicking after iSAFW.

So why am I making this bold a statement? I've seen almost ALL of Dan Schneider's shows, more recently, Drake and Josh. Basing this argument ONLY off of that show, Josh and Mindy always wore red and blue when they were dating. Around that same time, when Drake and Josh were in scenes, they also wore the same colors, making it a non point- not a couple color, people just like to wear the colors.

That's what I think, the colors are what the cast like to wear. Sure sometimes, they have to wear certain things, like the Penny Tees, but I don't consider it to be part of ship moments. Just personal taste of the actors, or executive preference of what they think looks good.

I just feel things have gotten slightly out of hand in response to iSAFW. Your thoughts?

Roxas82 22:55, November 30, 2010 (UTC)

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