Here's a link to @Danwarp's Funfacts!

After reading this, I think iOMG will include the serious talk with Sam only. From what Dan is hinting, he may even have Sam paired up with Brad.

Repeatedly, Dan speaks of giving us something unexpected and unpredicatable, and he started by acknowledging Seddie AND Creddie fans. At the end, he said for us to listen to the speech. iStart a Fanwar was the same, sure no couple was decided, but I don't think Seddie or Creddie will come of this.

Conclusion? Expect nothing romance wise, save for a genuine friendship moment with Sam and Freddie. While Gibby has been eliminated from the running, as he's in Spencer's B-plot, for all we know, we've been overthinking promos, and Sam would indeed like Brad. It's said that she gave Brad guacamole, not Freddie.

Still, a Seddie ending is possible, and fans would RIOT if let down again. But I'm still curious as to why Dan was so hesitant, and very "safe" in his funfacts. It felt like he was apologizing to everyone, and telling us we might like the next episode of iCarly... Considering a lot of fans like Seddie, and more LOVE Sam, this doesn't sound like he's going there. (Can someone say Cam ending...? j/k)

So, enjoy iOMG, and please, don't flip out there isn't a Seddie kiss/ Seddie doesn't happen. I'm sure the Season 4 finale will have something to Seddie, but not iOMG. I believe this episode will confirm that Sam is in love, and Freddie is in love, but iPWV will show the results of it. Still, if the screen blacks out, and I get a cliffhanger, I will throw a shoe at my tv. Then laugh, because that's an EPIC ending!!!

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