Hey Seddie fans, I bet you remember the Seddie kiss in Season 2, that eventually was mentioned in Season 3. While iThink They Kissed may have resolved the kiss, iSpeed Date suggested Sam has feelings for someone. While I may see the recipient of this crush to be Carly, it may very well be Freddie. This blog's gonna mainly be about how Seddie would be possible in Season 4.

To be honest, I see Seddie to be VERY hard develop as a relationship in about 10 episodes. While Sam at times is hilarious when she fights and argues with Freddie, she at times genuinely hurts him. Despite this, the numbers and stats overwhelmingly support Seddie ( and that's not including the number of Seddie fans ). If we're to generalize all of the seasons, Season 1 was Creddie, 2 had the Seddie kiss, 3 had Creddie. Logic suggests Season 4 would be Seddie, and past productions show Dan's preference towards coupling bickering sidekicks ( Gary/Tina - "What I like About You", Quinn/Logan - "Zoey101", Mindy/Josh- "Drake and Josh" ).

For Seddie to work, its possible that iDo or iStart a Fanwar will develop Seddie. The script that Dan wrote saying Freddie was in love suggested the opposite of Creddie. For one, Carly ( in every instance that Dan wrote his examples ) was either annoyed or terrified that Freddie might still like her, implying she is over him. Meanwhile, Freddie sincerely says he's not in love with her. This, coupled with genuine Seddie talks without the use of violence would make for a legit Seddie ending.

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