Due to iStart a Fanwar being created AFTER iHire an Idiot and iPity the Nevel, either NO SHIP will happen, or one ship will outright will in an attempt to gain ratings for iCarly ( which will ultimately fail, as future episodes will make no sense, unless they have pure humor with no relationship development. This is proven to be false for the episode iParty With Victorious. )

In iParty With Victorious, Carly battles Tori for a guy. Two episodes previously, in iStart a Fanwar, she dates Adam. If she dumps Adam, Creddie will happen in iStart a Fanwar, and in future episodes, they will revert to being friends again.

Seddie would follow the same pattern of Sam and Freddie reverting back to friends, so that gives further evidence to the idea that iStart a Fanwar will not end on a Seddie/Creddie note.

However, Stacey Dillson appears at Webicon, holding Freddie's jacket ( seen in the second promo ). Maybe they might end up going out? I'd find that cute, and hilarious, but I know it's very unlikely... Still, nothing changes the fact that the order of episodes predicts heavily no ship for Season 4. Dan has involvement in the order of episodes airing when it's IMPORTANT, and since his shows to date have continuity, he didn't put emphasis on iStart a Fanwar being placed later in the season.

Do you guys have any news?

Roxas82 22:53, October 25, 2010 (UTC)

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