ICarly couples

While this is mainly a joke, we all have to remember that iCarly makes us laugh, hence why we watch it! If you haven't seen a Dan Schneider show outside of iCarly, here's some news: Dan always ships two people who hate each other and two people who belong together. Due to Twitter, this wiki, and other forms of social media, iCarly has EXPLODED with numbers of fans, which is AWESOME! The bad part is when we fight. Respectful disagreement is one thing, but can we not fight over the small stuff? If Freddie and Sam date, I'm positive Dan will still make iCarly funny. And this is coming from a diehard Cam shipper, too.

Honestly, you can ask, and I'll always tell you I have nothing wrong with Seddie or Creddie, and I can see the points behind them. Sometimes, I see things of my own that I think are Creddie/Seddie, it's fun. That's the best part of shipping, seeing something and possibly someone else sees it that way too. Guessing how a show could go or who could date who. In the words of Carly, "It's exciting!". Really, it's lots of fun, but we have to stop the debate. Whichever happens, Seddie or Creddie, we shouldn't have a fanwar. That's the opposite of what the iCarly crew wants, they just want to make a funny show with some depth. It's great to read conversations and people getting along, but when some feel like crying over an outcome of the episode, remember: iCarly's not over. You've no clue what Dan has in store for us next, so stay true to your ship, enjoy it, relish in the memories, and get ready for the next iCarly ep. Surely one we can ALL enjoy!!!

Roxas82 04:34, April 12, 2011 (UTC)

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