I assure you this is accurate. Remember iThink They Kissed? We were all sooooo sure we'd get an answer, until Spencer interferes with a "DanWarp Tweets" tee. iSpeed Date ended with the Creddie dance, until Sam entered. iSaved Your Life had the Creddie relationship until Freddie realized ( with Sam's help ) that Carly had only loved him for saving her life. See a pattern? The Seddie/Creddie question wasn't answered then, and considering 16 more episodes have yet to air, I doubt there will be an answer until the VERY last episode. DON'T BE FOOLED, BE INFORMED.

The answer to the Creddie/Seddie question will be interrupted or not answered, I'm pretty sure of it.

Also, Dan would know about Creddie vs Seddie, as he initiated 90 percent of the initial ship wars. Hence why he took down his Live Journal account, and set up his new account. And anyone ever get a straight answer out of him during a clearly Seddie scene, or a clearly Creddie scene? No. Why should it be any different now?

Something else possible interesting to check out:

Season 4: ( in PRODUCTION order )

-(#301) iGot a Hot Room [Aired July 30th, 2010]

-(#302) iDo [October 11th, 2010]

-(#303) iSell Penny-tees [October 2nd, 2010]

-(#304) iGet Pranky [September 25th, 2010]

-(#305) iSam’s Mom (Guest Star Jane Lynch) [September 11th, 2010]

-(#306) iPity The Nevel

-(#307) iHire An Idiot

-(#308 & #309) iStart A Fanwar (Guest Star Jack Black)

-(#310) Title TBA

-(#311-313) iCarly/Victorious Crossover

What do you guys think? And if you believe a ship will happen, please give a logical answer as to why it will prevail, not just "I LUVVVVVVVVV [insert ship here ] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Oh and be aware that Dan could try and trip all of us up with a ship, then show everyone that it was only a dream sequence...

Roxas82 00:21, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

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