The first twist was obviously, no ship. If you noticed, the second was Carly leaving Adam at Webicon though she seemed to like him alot. Not only that, she won the battle for Spencer.

Creddie/Seddie in iSAFW: Did you guys not expect no couple? Carly was right for what she said, you guys are freaking out, when iCarly's all about the laughs. Sure we all get caught up in shipping, but that doesn't mean Dan HAS to put in Seddie/Creddie, it's HIS show. He knows how to make us laugh, so please, be lenient. Also, consider iCarly may go into Season 5. A couple may happen later on in the show but you can't expect every episode to have ship moments, even though it was promoted. That's just people doing their jobs, hyping you to see the show, which you did.

Don't be completely disappointed, the show was ok. If you riot, and decide not to watch, then iCarly won't go to a fifth season, then there's NO chance of seeing a ship happen. Just relax guys, and realize that this isn't what iCarly's all about. So enjoy your ship moments, as I definitely do. :)

Your fellow shipper,

Roxas82 02:19, November 20, 2010 (UTC)

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