A bunch of people, when they see the Cam Relationship page often comment "weird"... but the iCarly fanbase ships it! Say there were a real life iCarly panel at WebiCon, there's no doubt that fans would ask about Seddie, Creddie, and there'd be at least one fan thinking "What about Carly and Sam?". This my friends, is why iCarly may never hold a panel, if iStart a Fan War is an indication of the writers' feelings on the issue.

But one show that did hold a panel? Wizards of Waverly Place. One of their most popular ships (if not the most popular ship) is Jalex (Justin and Alex Russo) who are biological siblings. One fan ended up asking about Jalex, and the writers confirmed the ship (I believe they said, "Ah another Jalex question"). It's believed that the show originally was to have Alex and Justin as best friends, but their chemistry on set is translated differently. At one point, during the WOWP movie, Alex wipes the memory of her parents. When they see her with Justin, they insist that the pair would make for a good couple. The writers, I believe would even admit a writing flaw in their characters, as several times either Alex or Justin have been in someone else's body, (usually Harper's in Alex's body and visa versa) and they flirt with each other, or say the other is cute. Mistake? I think so.

Another couple that's interesting? Nico and Grady. There's TONS of evidence suggesting they have a friendly bromance, but Disney seems to go out of its way to emphasis gay jokes on their part. The two guys don't shy away from acting like a gay couple, either. There was even one episode where the two "broke up" with each other to hang out with their friend, Sonny...

So, just a reminder, we're in 2011, so anything can happen. I'm just waiting to see which network will actually have the first openly gay character on Nickelodeon's regular broadcasting, not TeenNick.

.EDIT!!!!: In the new episode, "Icecream With Ke$ha" a little girl wagers a kiss with the Victorious crew. Who does she want to kiss?!? Tori Vega!!!

Roxas82 00:43, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

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