Nick's been really messed up to Jennette for some of the time she's been here. I assure you, this isn't meant to bash the lead Miranda Cosgrove (Are you kidding? I LOVE HER!!! There'd be no Cam without Carly...)

For one, her Nathan, and Jerry's salary is between $50,000-80,000, even said to be $120,000 per episode. Miranda makes $180,000. Such a large discrepancy is a shame. Maybe Miranda's a veteran to Nick, but the latter 3 should get a raise, she almost makes $100,000 more than them if my estimate is right...

Another? They barely acknowlege Jennette's singing career. Remember "Not That Far Away"? You don't? Neither does Nick. Jennette is not signed to Sony, which is affiliated with Nick. Therefore, feast your ears on BTR, Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice (Who I believe the latter two are pretty AWESOME, but still, why not Jennette?) Nick is obviously showing a bias with Jennette.

Tonight, Nick only showed 30 seconds of Jennette's new single "Generation Love", which is truly unfair to fans who love her music, or want to hear it. Considering my statements, and earlier on this week, Nick televising couldn't even spell her name right on BrainSurge, (She's been working for Nick for 5 years now, mind you) this shows Nick's disfavor with her.

I mean we got Seven Secrets with Miranda, Victoria, Keke Palmer... None for Jennette?

And despite all of this, she's a fan favorite and the KIDS CHOICE BEST SIDEKICK!!!!

We LOVE Jennette McCurdy, even if Nick doesn't!

(Think about it, without her, there's no Sam,Seddie, Cam, Spam, Sibby, etc...)

Roxas82 05:51, April 24, 2011 (UTC)

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