Hey guys, some of you may know Dan LOVES "The Big Bang Theory". One episode I saw had the character, Sheldon under the influence of Valium, ( pills to stop anxiety ) acting similarly to Sam in iThink They Kissed. Also funny, is that this episode was created before iThink They Kissed. Maybe that influenced Dan to write the dentist scene for that ep.?

The dialog in the episode is almost exact to Sam and Carly's conversation. Sheldon tells Leonard he has a secret, but gives him two fake ones, until he tells the real one. He even goes as far as to say "Ok, I'll tell you, but don't tell Leonard!"

Here's the clip if you want to compare: TBBT link

Also, several fans wish for Sheldon and Penny, two opposites to get together, while others want Leonard and Penny to get together. Seddie/Creddie, anyone?

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