I believe, if the seemingly always right little birdies, are correct again, iStart a Fanwar will discuss BOTH the Seddie kiss, the Creddie almost relationship as well as the infamous iSpeed Date ending. While these issues can finally be put to rest, it does suggest the same ending as iThink They Kissed, one that leaves the trio as friends, if my analysis of Dan's strategy is accurate. If someone can write me a logical way for an outright winner in the Creddie vs. Seddie war in iStart a Fanwar, I'd love to hear it. Be aware though, that I know all too well that Seddie had the first #1 iTunes episode with iKiss, Creddie had the most viewed episode in iCarly history, and Seddie is the majority, while Creddie was an established relationship.

I also have considered this Adam guy, and concede that he may date Carly, which sets up Seddie. On the other hand, Sam could date Cort, which leaves for a Creddie ending. They, I believe, are the wildcards.

Make sense? What do you guys think?

Roxas82 22:11, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

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