Hi, fellow iCarly fans. I know that I am not a regular user in this amazing wikia, but I used to be ThisisaWikiaUser until I forgot my password. Anyway, everybody grab a tissue, because iGoodbye is about to air and our childhood is almost gone. Now, did anyone notice anything wrong with that sentence?

What is wrong with this sentence: Our childhood is almost gone

The poll was created at 18:55 on November 12, 2012, and so far 6 people voted.

If you said, childhood is not gone, then you are correct.

What I want to say is this: When iGoodbye finishes, are you just going to say my childhood is over, time to find a new show? No, well, I won't and I think you iCarly fans will do the same. Some random bully at school who won't get anywhere in life will probably say that iCarly is over, you idiot! But, if you truly love it, then iCarly is not over!

What I'm trying to lead up to is this: The Creddie vs Seddie vs Cam War (Yes, other ships included, but these are the main one)

I know we are all wondering if our ship will come together in the end and live happily ever after, counting the seconds and worrying that the other ship may prevail. Basically, I'm a rambler and I wanted to say that no matter which ship (Creddie, Seddie, Cam, Cibby, Sibby, etc) becomes offical, that none of us go to the rival pairing and say, "Yeah (insert losing ships) is dead! (Insert winning ship) for the win!" Because even if a pairing loses, it's not gone, and it is not certainly dead because it will forever live in the hearts the shippers.

Another thing, I've been trying to avoid saying win or lose, because this is not a competiton to see who ends up with who. It's just something we believe in and something to do with our boring, mine is, lives.

So, I propose a Treaty for the final episode, please vote in the poll.

Can we please set our aside our differences and come together for the final iCarly episode?

The poll was created at 19:11 on November 12, 2012, and so far 7 people voted.

Please comment! :{D

(PS, I've never seen iLove You, so can someone tell me where can I watch it, thanks, you're great)

RuleroftheBisons97, an iCarly fan

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