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  • Ryrib

    Hey guys. This page is somewhat almost dead... At least it isn't fully dead. XD

    Anyway, is anyone excited for Sam&Cat? I know I am. :D

    But actually, I was kinda thinking that they could pair up Cat with Lulu from True Jackson VP so that they could be clueless together. :PP

    Buuuut I guess Cat and Sam would be great together. I mean like, a mean girl with a clueless person. XD

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  • Ryrib

    A bit annoyed by this...

    April 29, 2013 by Ryrib

    So like, as I was editing iHire An Idiot, I tried to publish it and it said that someone else edited the page while it was being edited. So anyway, what I edited was some typos and I added a huge chunk of quotes. And then I accidentally pressed publish twice. At least I was done though but I kinda forgot to correct just one mistake.

    Anyway, as I was re-checking the quotes, it seemed that the chunk that I added was gone. I was a bit scared at first, but then I just shrugged it off as I thought that it may be because I haven't refreshed the page yet. So I refreshed it, and then my chunk still wasn't there!

    I checked the checked the Recent Wiki Activity and saw that my edit was noted. I reviewed the edit and it showed that I have already made t…

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