• SCherry08

    For anybody who doesn't know, today is One Singular Sensation's birthday :D

    This person is very

    sexy, awesome, awesome, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic, great, super, awesome, sexy, nice, hot, amazing, wicked awesome, awesomely wicked, etc.

    It's also kerrin day

    but yay for Cherry's b-day!

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    Just the start

    February 4, 2012 by SCherry08

    Ally slammed her book down.

    The Earth is made up of four elements.

    She put her hands up to her ears.

    Each element has more than one aspect to it.

    "Get these voices out of my head!"

    Each element has human forms.

    "Am I going crazy!"

    Only some can see the few that even want to be shown to the seers.

    She fell on the ground.

    Every single thing in an element has a human form. Every tree, every leaf, every rainbow, every ocean, every lake, every puddle, every fire, all smoke, coals, and everything having to do with an element has a human element form.

    "Shut up shut up shut up!"

    Because of the large amount of things associated with the elements, there are about a billion human elements for every one human.

    Ally closed her eyes tightly.

    As I said before, only f…

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  • SCherry08

    I was writing a story...and I realized that I was lacking something...A main character! I have come to a blank when thinking of this character....So I need your help. Anybody that wants to can make up their own character profile. I want name, age, looks, personality, and anything else that would be interesting. A picture would also be greatly appreciated :D

    This character MUST be a girl and she has to be between the ages of 14-17. :) enjoy... AND I NEED THESE REALLY QUICKLY SO I WILL BE CLOSING THIS TONIGHT IF I HAVE ENOUGH. I'll choose one character to be the main character...sort of...


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    Banner Requests

    January 29, 2012 by SCherry08

    Hey! So I got this program where I can make these really cool banners for things like wikia profiles and tumblr and such. I decided that I would make them for some other people. These are some examples.

    I can do more than this, so if you have a request add anything you wish in there. If I cannot do it I will tell you, I just don't want you to hold back. Some of them I did quick so I would have examples for what I can do. BE SPECIFIC, IF YOU'RE NOT YOU MIGHT END UP WITH SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE

    Also, tell me what you're using it for so I know what size to make it.

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  • SCherry08

    iSail Away

    January 14, 2012 by SCherry08

    (Warning:The Following IS a FAKE episode created by me cause I wish it was real.)

    The iCarly Gang goes on a cruise with several couples sent by their friends and families that need counseling.

    Carly wins a singing contest to give a live performence on a cruise ship.

    • This was filmed on an Actual Carnival Cruise.
    • 10 different real life couples were hand selected from across the country to appear in this episode. Reason unkown.
    • A cast member will be singing in this episode.

    == Photo Gallery ==

    == Video Gallery==

    There are no external links I am entirely making this up.

    Cherry's Mind

    We see Carly screaming in the Shay apartment, holding up a letter. She screams "We're going on a cruise!" She's wearing a red tank top with blue jean shorts. Sam, Freddie, …

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