So awhile ago I was really sad.

I was seriously going to leave the wiki.

But there was a person who talked me out of it. They were very kind to me, and they talked me out of it. They told me to take it out in a story. I felt like they understood me.

But that person is now threatening to hack the wiki and destroy it or something because of an admin position they didn't deserve.

I don't care how much you wanted it. I'm fourteen and more mature than you will ever be. I had always wanted some sort of power ranking position, but I wasn't being a bisnitch because I didn't get it. You were already a chatmod and you blew it. And it didn't matter the person promoted was my friend, I know the beruecrats have MUCH more experience than me and made a good decision.

But I will never turn into you.

You were in some sorts, my "angel" because I felt you were sent to help me. I know it's stupid and it was. But my angel is my worst enemy. What are you gonna do.

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